Morton's Basics

Welcome to Morton's Basics! I, Morton Koopa Jr., sultan of Desert Land, emperor of Donut Plains, master of all things hot, and a pretty mean breakdancer, am going to show you the ropes, how things work, the basics! I'll even show, teach, demonstrate, point out... whoops, there I go again! Lemmy said if I talk too much I'd scare away all the tourists, visitors, and guests, so I have to tone it down, talk less, keep my mouth shut more, or I'll be in trouble, get punished, find out what the or else is. I think, believe, feel that I should start being quiet, get silent, shush now, right this second, at the present, immediately, instantaneously- ARGH! It's so hard to stop talking, but I'll try really really really hard. Starting now. Yeah.
Do you know who Wooster is? When Mario 3 happened? What a tourist is? Who you can interview? All of these questions and tons more will be answered here in Morton's Basics. This section is mostly intended to prepare new tourists (There's that word again!) on the basics of the Mario Universe, as well as some info specific to Lemmy's Land, so that they will be able to understand submissions or even create some of their own. For you long-time tourists, here's a chance to brush up on some facts and study up on what it takes to get a submission past inspection.

Although this is all introductory information, I believe you will find it an interesting read. Some of the "facts" presented here are controversial, and I do not expect that you will agree with all that I have said. Nonetheless, you should depart the section with a solid grounding in Mario Universe background and know how things generally work around Lemmy's Land. Whether or not you will then go "rock the boat" is up to you.

Use the links below to find the info you're looking for. Let's get edumacated!

Morton's Bios: Originally a section all of its own, this page has been renamed, totally revamped, and meshed into this section. Find out about all the major players in the Mario Universe here.

Timeline of the Mario Universe: Learn about all of Mario's adventures and how they fit together in the fourth dimension.

Important Terms: Where's Sarasaland? Who's DAD? What in the world is a Koopaling vote? For that matter, what's a Koopaling? Here is a list of important terms, locations, and items. Read up!

Submission Guidelines: If you're thinking of sending Lemmy a submission, read this first! Learn all the rules so you don't spend hours making something that will turn out to be unacceptable.

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