Morton's Bios!

This page will tell you everything you need to know about the major characters from the Mario Universe, including a list of favorites, important appearances, and a description of their personalities. Most of the characters here are official, meaning they appear in a Mario medium such as a video game, cartoon, or adventure book. The few characters that are not official are listed as such. If you feel a character deserves to be added to this list, Email me!

Name: Bagels (unofficial character) Nickname: Baygs Role: Bowser's pet, Queen of Dogs Favorite Food: Whatever Bowser wants to give her Favorite Pastime: Pleasing others, particularly Bowser Favorite Sport: Fetching a toy, football Favorite Video Game: Yoshi’s Story (Poochie), Donkey Kong Jr. (Bowser likes it) Favorite School Subject: Doesn’t go to school, but would like gym (Bowser likes it) Favorite Koopa Minion: Bowser Statue Favorite Part of Being in Jail: Getting a chance to please Bowser by making up for her misdeed Favorite Color: Green

Bio: Don't think a tyrannical ruler can keep a cutesy doggie? Think again! Bagels, a beagle mix with white fur and three large black spots on her back, got accepted into the Koopa family because she is basically Bowser's yesman. That is, she agrees with everything that he does and is not opposed to licking his feet, or any other body part Bowser might care to have slurped. Bagels is supposed to be queen of the dogs, but whenever Bowser is near her she's too busy trying to please him to exercise any power. When Bowser leaves Bagels becomes too depressed to do much more than pine for his return. It doesn't seem like a very fulfilling lifestyle, but Bagels seems to enjoy it.

Bagels would love to try defeating Mario, her beloved Bowser's archenemy, but she lacks the power to do so. Her claws and teeth are both relatively dull, and she's really a softy at heart. Plus, Bowser has taken such a liking to his yesman that he actually asked her not to attack, for her safety. Otherwise Bagels would be out there in half a heartbeat, though Mario has done her no wrong. Bagels can get hyperactive when she finds an opportunity to please Bowser, which unfortunately means she usually fails the task in her haste. She could speak to anyone thanks to Ludwig's pet translator, but she generally only does so when Bowser asks her to. A more loyal creature has yet to be seen.

Name: Bowser Koopa Nickname: King Koopa (anyone who calls him something else, even his first name, is likely to get roasted) Role: King of the Koopas, ruler of Dark Land, would-be ruler of the Mushroom Kingdom, father to the Koopalings Favorite Food: Spicy and hot food Favorite Pastime: Beating up Mario Favorite Sport: Koopa Wrestling (Sledge Brothers wrestle) Favorite Video Game: Donkey Kong Jr. (Mario was the bad guy) Favorite School Subject: Gym Favorite Underling: Chargin' Chuck Favorite Part of Being in the Dungeon: Can’t go to the dungeon! Favorite Color: Unsure (he used to like red, for anger and fire, but now red symbolizes Mario)

Noteable Appearances: -Super Mario Bros.: Spit fireballs, threw hammers, jumped up and down; first appearance -Super Mario Bros. 3: Spit fireballs, jumped, smashed the ground; acquired theme music -Super Mario RPG: Joined Mario's party to recover Keep from Smithy -Paper Mario: Stole Star Rod and became invincible, but lost anyway

It's the firebreathing, Koopa-torturing, Princess-kidnapping King of the Koopas! Bowser's ruthlessness is known far and wide across the land. Although it has never been proven and could never be punished, it is widely accepted that Bowser first turned his older brother Wart into a frog to get him kicked out of the Koopa Troop, then took the throne prematurely by poisoning his father, King Morton. He has taken responsibility for countless atrocities across the Mushroom Kingdom and other realms. Bowser is probably the strongest person in all of the Mushroom Kingdom, perhaps on all of the planet Plit; although Mario and Luigi are able to defeat him, they usually do so together and through trickery, not strength.

Bowser often comes across as an idiot in the games and even more so in Lemmy's Land. This label is not really fair, however. Although he is usually tricked by the plumbers, this is due more to their combined intelligence than his lack thereof. Furthermore, although in the games Bowser nearly always kidnaps Princess Toadstool, he often uses far more elaborate plans in the Mario cartoons and adventure books. Even in the games, his plans would work if Mario and Luigi weren't so smart, strong, and just plain lucky.

One of the biggest mysteries concerning Bowser is his true feelings for Peach, with some people arguing he loves her, others claiming he just wants to marry her so he can legally become king of the Mushroom Kingdom, and still others saying he's just mean and likes to see Peach squirm or even that it's in the name of tradition. Bowser is already married and has seven children, but certainly his wife Clawdia would not object to a second marriage that would give Bowser control of the lands he's always wanted.

Although well-known for his ruthlessness, Bowser is also a family man and has played an active role in bringing up his seven Koopalings, Ludwig, Lemmy, Roy, Iggy, Wendy, Morton, and Larry. When asked in public, Bowser claims that he only had kids so they could help him defeat Mario. Still, he gives them an awful lot of care and even something that might possibly be called love for what he claims merely to be using as tools. Bowser surely isn't the world's kindest father; he has no quams about sending his kids to the dungeon or even the lava pits for a spell, and he is quite the disciplinarian. Even so, when the Koopalings find themselves in peril Bowser has shown himself willing to risk everything to ensure their safety.

Name: Clawdia Koopa (unofficial character) Nickname: None known, though Bowser may have pet names for her Role: Mother to the Koopalings, wife to Bowser Favorite Food: Anything simple, in particular, Koopa Crisp Cereal Favorite Pastime: Relaxing at the side of the pool, cooking Favorite Sport: Does not like sports, but if forced to choose, baseball (slow, low-contact) Favorite Video Game: Stinks at all games anyway, but likes Mario RPG Favorite School Subject: Reading Favorite Underling: Goomba (nice and simple) Favorite Part of Being in the Dungeon: Getting some quiet time Favorite Color: White

Bio: Clawdia never appears in a Mario game, cartoon, or book, and many people feel she either doesn't exist or mistake her for Leena, Bowser's assistant of disputable relation from the Mario movie. Nevertheless, it is almost certain that the Koopalings have a mother, even though some have argued that Kamek created them at about the age of 8 or that each Koopaling may actually have a different mother, explaining why some of them are colored differently. In Lemmy's Land, however, most tourists accept that Clawdia is the mother of all seven Koopalings and remains married to Bowser.

The Koopalings' mom looks an awful lot like Bowser, to the point of being disturbing. She is somewhat smaller and thinner and wears a bow on her head, sort of like Wendy. Clawdia is very quiet and prefers to keep things simple. She usually leaves Bowser and the kids to the plotting and fighting, instead keeping the household in order, cooking, and raising the Koopalings. However, like her husband she will fight when needed to save a family member. It is rumored that she married Bowser under something less than free will, thus explaining why she is so timid. Although she is technically Queen of the Koopas, she has never been seen to exercise her power, instead only issuing commands given to her by Bowser.

Some believe that Clawdia has far more potential than she lets on. Because of her level-headedness, it is possible that she could create a very well thought out plan. It remains to be seen whether this will come to pass.

Name: Daisy Toadstool Nickname: Daze Role: Princess of Sarasaland, Peach's sister Favorite Food: Oranges (refuses to eat peaches) Favorite Pastime: Working out Favorite Sport: Wrestling (she's waiting to get Peach in the ring) Favorite Video Game: Mario Party 3 Favorite School Subject: Diplomacy Favorite Koopa Minion: Bowser (for kidnapping Peach) Favorite Part of Being in the Dungeon: Knowing Peach ends up in one more often than her Favorite Color: Orange

Noteable Appearances: -Super Mario Land: Captured by Tatanga; first appearance -Mario Tennis: Finally reappears after ten years

Bio: The Princess of Sarasaland is very much a tomboy and is not gentle or reserved like Peach usually is, even on fancy occassions. The older of the two sisters, Daisy was overlooked by their father The King and sent over to rule Sarasaland instead of the larger Mushroom Kingdom. No one is sure of the basis for The King's decision, but it is likely her aggressive attitude had something to do with it. Daisy has held a grudge against her sister ever since (trying to get her revenge on her father wouldn't do much good). The sibling rivalry was alleviated slightly when Mario rescued Daisy from Tatanga because Daisy believed her sister had sent her kingdom's hero, although in reality Peach did not authorize Mario's mission.

Sarasaland is not as valuable to the Koopas as the Mushroom Kingdom, as evident by the much more infrequent invasions and kidnappings, but Daisy would trade with her sister in half a second if not faster. Daisy does not seem to have much interest in ruling, however; rather she just seems to want to recover her alleged birthright. In fact, some have speculated that if she ever did get control of the Mushroom Kingdom, she would step down rather quickly. Daisy's real interests lie in sports and other physical activities; she's not afraid to get down and dirty, although she has the unusual habit of wearing her dress no matter what. Daisy is incredibly strong and even defeated Bowser once. Beat that, Peach!

Name: Iggy Koopa Nickname: Hop (rarely called this when not nearby Lemmy) Role: Middle Koopaling, wild card, back-up plans Favorite Food: String beans, protein supplements, tacos Favorite Pastime: Working out in the gym (but is a weakling) Favorite Sport: Football Favorite Video Game: Mario and Wario, a puzzle game Favorite School Subject: Self Defense Favorite Underling: Grand Goomba Favorite Part of Being in the Dungeon: Trying to bend the bars Favorite Color: Red

Noteable Appearances: -Super Mario Bros. 3: Boss of Giant Land (world four), shot rings and jumped higher than his sibs -Super Mario World: Boss of Yoshi's Island (world one), threw fireballs and had to be knocked into lava -Mario is Missing: Second floor (SNES), fourth floor (PC) -Yoshi's Safari: Boss of sixth course, battled in a Blooper robot

Bio: Poor Iggy has not had a happy transition to Lemmy's Land. In the Mario 3 and Mario World cartoons, he nearly always teams up with Lemmy to form the "Koopa Twins". The pair used to hatch crazy schemes which, owing to their great teamwork, nearly worked despite their lack of strength or brains. In the adventure books Iggy replaces Ludwig as the brains of the family, building some nifty contraptions and starring in three of the ten stories. Iggy is also rumored to have built the robots used in Yoshi's Safari, and arguably had the most powerful robot. At the least, he is the only Koopaling never shot at directly during battle.

Unfortunately, Iggy has lost much of his personality in Lemmy's Land. With Lemmy becoming somewhat aloof from his siblings as a result of his being webmaster, the Koopa Twins have all but desolved. Meanwhile, Ludwig has almost completely taken back the title of family genius, leaving Iggy with little to work with. Most of the time Iggy fills in when one of his siblings needs a hand in carrying out their evil plans. His motto, after all, is "I agree!" He also spends a lot of time getting beat up by Roy or having his glasses knocked off. Iggy acts stronger than he really is and can often be found in the gym, but he is one of the weakest Koopalings. It wouldn't be fair to call him a weakling, though; he is still far stronger than most creatures in the Mushroom Kingdom. Although, that's not really saying much...

Name: Kamek Koopa Nickname: None Role: Former Head Magikoopa, Bowser's top advisor Favorite Food: Rarely eats, as he uses magic to stem his hunger Favorite Pastime: Learning new spells Favorite Sport: Quidditch (he made it real after learning of Harry Potter) Favorite Video Game: Harry Potter and the Sorceror's Stone (Harry uses only magic) Favorite School Subject: Magic Favorite Koopa Minion: Magikoopa (because he is one) Favorite Part of Being in the Dungeon: No dungeon can hold this magician Favorite Color: Black

Noteable Appearances: -Yoshi's Island: Captured Baby Luigi and sought Baby Mario; first appearance -Tetris Attack: Source of Bowser's magical flood

Bio: One of the strongest Magikoopas to ever live, Kamek quickly rose through the ranks and became the Head Magikoopa and top advisor for King Morton, Bowser's father. As part of his job, Kamek was asked to care for the young Bowser and teach him powerful magic spells. Unfortunately, Baby Bowser seems to have done his best not to learn anything, and now the grown up Bowser prefers to use brute strength, although he still uses a little magic in games such as Mario Party 3. Kamek almost certainly could have defeated the Yoshi carrying Baby Mario, but he desired to take Baby Mario alive and so couldn't use his most powerful spells. Kamek planned to capture the two babies, then figure out what power they held that would threaten his young master and harness that power for himself, but Yoshi ruined his plans by completing the twins' journey to their parents.

Kamek, who was already old at the time of Yoshi's Island, has found the need to step down as Head Magikoopa and never had a chance to fight Mario as an adult. He unofficlally remains Bowser's top advisor, but Bowser usually overrides his plans in favor of simpler ones. Kamek also often serves as the Koopalings' babysitter, but the little Koopas tend to keep the old Magikoopa's hands full. Ruled by reason, Kamek is not only a good advisor but also an excellent diplomat, able to employ all the tricks of the trade. Don't let your guard down around this old-timer, he still has many surprises up the sleeves of his blue robe.

Name: Kammy Koopa Nickname: Beaut (or, at least she claims this is her nickname) Role: Head Magikoopa Favorite Food: Angel food cake Favorite Pastime: Designing stuff with blocks Favorite Sport: Hockey (she's fast and can use her broom as a stick) Favorite Video Game: Paper Mario (thinks she looks good in that game) Favorite School Subject: Fashion Favorite Koopa Minion: Magikoopa Favorite Part of Being in the Dungeon: Filling the cell with blocks Favorite Color: Pink

Noteable Appearances: -Paper Mario: Assisted Bowser by trapping the Star Spirits in cards

Bio: Upset with Bowser's rule, many Magikoopas have left the Koopa Troop. Of those that remain, Kammy is the strongest overall, which means that Bowser's Magikoopas as a whole are an embarrassment. Actually, Kammy is quite weak in battle: never battle-hardened, her attack is weaker than her counterparts and she takes less of a beating before falling. However, her non-offensive spells are much more useful to Bowser than that of other Magikoopas. Her abilities include creating blockades, setting up magical prisons, and making items and even characters appear at will. She also has a fair amount of technical skill and, with the help of her magic, was able to build a device that more than doubled Bowser's power.

If only Kammy would increase her battle powers, she would be an extremely useful asset to Bowser. However, Kammy insists she is perfect as is, and is reluctant to change her ways or learn new spells. This is probably what separates her most from the previous Head Magikoopa, Kamek; while Kamek turned a critical eye upon himself and did everything in his power to help the Koopa Troopa, Kammy is quick to criticize others and holds herself blameless. It is for this reason that Kammy is not respected nearly as much as Kamek, and why Bowser continues to use Kamek as his top advisor, at least unofficially. Due in large part to her late entrance to the series, Kammy has yet to appear in Lemmy's Land outside of a couple Interviews. It remains to be seen what tourists will make of her.

Name: Karma Koopa (unofficial character) Nickname: Yoshi, Yoshibutt, Frankenyoshi, Freak Role: Ludwig's Met Favorite Food: Tomatoes Favorite Pastime: Sleeping late Favorite Sport: Hockey (more of a chance a fight will break out) Favorite Video Game: Resident Evil, Eternal Darkness, Silent Hill (or any other game that scares her silly) Favorite School Subject: Creative Naptime Favorite Koopa Minion: Blue Paratroopa Favorite Part of Being in the Dungeon: Has a guard who falls for the "Ugh, I don't feel so good" routine every time she pulls it and gets out early Favorite Color: Indigo

A cross between a Yoshi and a Koopa, Karma was driven from her home with the Silverleaf Yoshi Tribe in Donut Plains during Super Mario World when Mario upset the area on his way through. Unable to find her family after the land was upset, she took to wandering with little more than her pet Jumper, a Buzzy Beetle. The hybrid, unfortunately, had the misfortune of her travels taking her close to the Koopas' castle... a little too close. While unwittingly trespassing on Koopa territory, Karma bumped into Ludwig who, unable to get a straight answer from her about her intentions and origins, ended up having her thrown in the dungeon where she was to be placed at the mercy of Bowser's court. Karma's prospects for a light sentence were not good: to Koopas, Yoshis were detestable for having aided Mario and Luigi. Being the result of a pairing of a Yoshi and a Koopa made her even less favorable as her very existance was a blasphemy.

By trickery, Karma managed to escape the dungeon and her impending trial, only to discover that she was doomed to eventual wedlock with Ludwig. Although the two hated each other, it seemed they had formed a Metbond; created unconsciously for genetic reasons, the bond required the two to spend the rest of their days together or risk death for one or both. Bowser was infuriated with the situation, but didn't have the heart to carry out her death and kill his eldest son in the process. Now a resident of Castle Koopa, Karma still gets a lot of flack from her family-in-law, and Ludwig, though not quite as nasty as the rest of his family, isn't terribly supportive of her either. Karma is incredibly strong-willed, however, not to mention just generally strong. She'll pick a fight with anyone, even Roy, and has resorted to some creative methods of exacting revenge. You'd better not call her a freak if you're fond of your face in its current arrangement.

Of the characters on this list, Karma is the only character not official or introduced by the webmaster. Created by the tourist of the same name, Karma Koopa won a popularity poll against other unofficial characters and was granted full Mario character status - in Lemmy's Land only, of course. Karma remains popular to this day and actually appears more often than some of the other characters on this list.

Name: King Boo Nickname: AHH!!! (well, people say it when they see him) Role: King of Boos, enemy to Mario and, to a lesser extent, Bowser Favorite Food: Ghosts don't eat Favorite Pastime: Haunting Favorite Sport: Boo Who (competitors try to scare the most people in a given amount of time) Favorite Video Game: Luigi's Mansion (although he was defeated, he can't think of a game with more ghosts in it than this one) Favorite School Subject: Religious Studies (which included discussion on the afterlife) Favorite Koopa Minion: Big Boo Favorite Part of Being in the Dungeon: He can float through the bars Favorite Color: Transparent

Noteable Appearances: -Luigi's Mansion: Captured Mario and emprisoned him in a painting; first appearance -Super Mario Sunshine: Boss in the hotel on Sirena Beach

Bio: A powerful ghost with a blue tongue, red crown, and mysterious past, King Boo was in with Bowser until he was defeated by Mario on Isle Delfino. The spicy experience significantly changed his appearance, and an angry Bowser kicked King Boo out of the Koopa Troop. Since many Boos stayed on as Bowser's minions, the King of Boos lost much of his power and even had to settle for a cheapo crown worth one gold coin (but it looks so cool). King Boo has sworn revenge, ultimately on Bowser but first on Mario. Knowing full well that Mario's victory over him is as nothing compared to being booted from the Koopa Troop, King Boo nevertheless refuses to give Mario the last laugh. The royal ghost nearly had his revenge when he trapped Mario in a picture, but was defeated by the plumber's brother, Luigi. Now King Boo wants revenge on both of them... but first he'll need to escape from his own 2D cell in Professor E. Gadd's photo museum.

Name: King Toadstool Nickname: The King Role: King of the Mushroom Kingdom, Peach's father Favorite Food: Bowl of steam Favorite Pastime: Staring into space Favorite Sport: Golf Favorite Video Game: Too lazy to play, but likes the old Atari game Tennis (has a cool shadow) Favorite School Subject: Can’t remember school Favorite Koopa Minion: Lemmy (likes to play with his ball) Favorite Part of Being in the Dungeon: Talking to the hapless guards Favorite Color: White... no, red... I mean, blue... I mean...

Noteable Appearances: -Double Trouble (adventure book): Argued with clone; first appearance -Leaping Lizards (adventure book): Turned into rabbit by Koopas, won long jump to clinch Olympics

No one knows what King Toadstool's first name is, so everyone usually calls him The King. As for The King himself, he has been incredibly senile for years, even though he's not really that old. He can't be, given that his daughter Peach is only in her 20s. Some say that The King was driven over the edge by constant attacks from the Koopas, which could take its toll on anyone. Now he's far too oblivious of current events to know when Bowser has kidnapped his daughter or taken the kingdom by force. The King has retained his title because he never officially stepped down, but Peach has been exercising his power with the consent of most everyone else if not The King himself. Even Bowser recognizes that Peach is in charge, which explains why he rarely bothers The King, who probably wouldn't even call for help if kidnapped.

The King has never appeared in Mario's games, although he was mentioned in the manual for the NES version of Super Mario Bros. He does appear in some of the Mario adventure books, where it was revealed that, like most everyone else in the kingdom, The King is a Mushroomer. This, of course, has caused many to question how his daughters Daisy and Peach came to be human. This mystery is even harder to solve given that the identity of the late queen is also a mystery. Of course some have speculated that she was a human, but this is only a guess.

King Toadstool's personality had not changed in Lemmy's Land, in part because tourists rarely use him and in part because he's a humorous enough character already. Honestly, The King is about as foolish on a regular basis as Mario is in the craziest of Scribbles. And that's not easy.

Name: Larry Koopa Nickname: Cheatsy Role: Youngest Koopaling, spy, cheat, gardener Favorite Food: Vegetables, especially tomatoes Favorite Pastime: Growing and tending to plants, spying Favorite Sport: Baseball Favorite Video Game: Super Mario Bros. 2 (has vegetables in it) Favorite School Subject: Science (includes agriculture) Favorite Underling: Fink Flower, Petey Piranha Favorite Part of Being in the Dungeon: Can grow plants in the dirt Favorite Color: Green

Noteable Appearances: -Super Mario Bros. 3: Boss of Grass Land (world one), shot rings -Super Mario World: Boss of Valley of Bowser (world seven), threw fireballs and had to be knocked into lava -Mario is Missing: First floor (PC) -Yoshi's Safari: Boss of fourth course, battled in a weak submarine

Bio: Larry Koopa is by far the sneakiest of the Koopalings, in both the Mario cartoons and adventure books. He's also the best singer of the Koopalings (Gopher Bash), though it's still nothing to be proud of. This guy could steal anything, bolted down or not, and idolizes Thief from Final Fantasy 1. Larry often tries to trick his siblings into carrying out his evil schemes, then swoops in at the last minute to steal the credit. Unfortunately, since his schemes always fail just at the moment, he ends up with the blame instead- and angry siblings.

In Lemmy's Land, Larry is as sneaky as ever. He's extremely quiet and reserved, perhaps due to his attempts to avoid Roy's fists, a task he usually fails. He has also become quite the gardener, gaining a whole new side not hinted at by the cartoons or books, though implied by his conquest of Grass Land. While not quite a vegetarian, Larry definitely prefers greens to meat. Many of his evil plans now feature plants. You'd be surprised how many different things plants can be made to do. He's one of the weakest Koopalings, owing in part to his age, but when he's older he could be quite a powerful force.

Name: Lemmy Koopa Nickname: Hip (rarely called this when not nearby Iggy) Role: Second oldest Koopaling, clown, webmaster Favorite Food: Anything cold, especially yogurt or frozen food that's still frozen Favorite Pastime: Riding his ball, pulling practical jokes Favorite Sport: Hockey (loves ice) Favorite Video Game: Yoshi’s Island, but can never remember who the final boss is Favorite School Subject: Science, especially Physics (ice) Favorite Underling: Shy Guys, his clones Favorite Part of Being in the Dungeon: Riding on his ball all day Favorite Color: Blue

Noteable Appearances: -Super Mario Bros. 3: Boss of Ice Land (world 6), rode his ball and shot balls Mario had to bounce on, arguably toughest Koopaling -Super Mario World: Boss of Vanilla Dome (world 3), popped out of warp pipes along with two clones -Yoshi's Safari: Boss of first course, battled in a robot Lemmy

Bio: Lemmy's personality has probably changed the most between the Mario 3 and Mario World cartoons and Lemmy's Land. In the show he is nearly always paired with Iggy. The "Koopa Twins" share sentences and work together; they're not very strong or smart, but the power of teamwork often gets Mario in a jam. In the adventure books and games, Lemmy is clearly the clown of the family. From his ball-riding and googly eyes in Mario 3 to his idiocy in the books, Lemmy is the comic relief. Don't take him lightly though: because he's not afraid to try anything and often doesn't realize the effects of his actions, he can be quite dangerous to be around.

But not in Lemmy's Land; the webmaster did a complete 540 - that's a 360 and then a 180, one and a half turns. He still rides a ball and has those weird eyes, but he is much more responsible than in the adventure books. Most characters got dumbed down in Lemmy's Land, but since Lemmy was dumb already, I guess it wasn't so funny for him to say dumb things like other characters do. Plus, tourists may have been reluctant to insult the webmaster. Lemmy still works with Iggy on occassion, but most of the time he now flies- that is, rides solo. I guess that huge website of his really boosted his ego. On the attacking front, he is probably most known for his Freeze Gun, which has the power to freeze any target it hits. Conveniently enough, Lemmy is immune to his own weapon. Unfortunately, it seems Mario and Luigi are immune to defeat.

Name: Ludwig von Koopa Nickname: Kooky Role: Oldest Koopaling, inventor, musician Favorite Food: Lox (fish is brain food), chocolate (needs energy to invent) Favorite Pastime: Inventing Favorite Sport: Jeopardy, also Sumo Wrestling (would win every time in both) Favorite Video Game: Mario is Missing (gets to show off his knowledge) Favorite School Subject: Science and Math, uses them for inventing Favorite Underling: Rocky Wrench Favorite Part of Being in the Dungeon: Has the entire day to think up ideas for inventions Favorite Color: Brown

Noteable Appearances: -Super Mario Bros. 3: Boss of Pipe Land (world 7), combined the abilities of most of his siblings -Super Mario World: Boss of Twin Bridges area (world 4), shot fireballs and did somersaults, only Koopaling in game with own attack pattern -Mario is Missing: First floor (SNES), fifth floor (PC) -Yoshi's Safari: Boss of second course, battled in robot with spiked shell and long neck -Super Mario Sunshine: "Shadow Mario", Bowser's assistant (renamed to Junior and graphically edited so as to not leave out his six siblings; see the timeline in this section for more on this)

Bio: Talk about a split personality! In the Mario 3 and Mario World cartoons, Ludwig was the inventor of the group, clearly the smartest of the Koopalings and arguably the most resourceful. Because his inventions allowed for many interesting plans, he was featured in more episodes than any of his siblings. He didn't seem especially keen to fight, but his inventions were always very effective. Too bad Mario and Luigi always managed to find a loophole. Ludwig was quite different in the adventure book series. He was still a genius, but this time he was a composer rather than an inventor. This personality actually makes more sense given his name, which is reminiscent of Beethoven's. In the books it was revealed that Ludwig is nearly deaf, explaining why he can tolerate his awful music: he can't hear it.

In Lemmy's Land, Ludwig takes after his cartoon personality much more so than his book personality. However, unlike in the show, his inventions nearly always explode, harming himself and others (never Mario though). He can occassionally be found playing the piano or organ, much to his siblings' dismay. He sometimes speaks in an eastern European accent, probably owing to his tie-ins with Beethoven; he had no accent in the show, just a squeeky voice and an insane laugh. He is quite a bit overweight, as he spends most of his time in is lab and eats a lot of chocolate for energy. Ludwig's biggest development in Lemmy's Land has probably been the introduction of Karma, a Yoshi-Koopa hybrid he Met. Now the two must live together and someday marry, even though they don't really like each other.

Name: Luigi Mario Nickname: Mario's brother, Player Two Role: Lesser hero of the Mushroom Kingdom, plumber, member of Mario Gang Favorite Food: Tomato sauce (pasta optional) Favorite Pastime: Making new "secret" tomato sauces, mastering party tricks to grab some spotlight Favorite Sport: Tennis Favorite Video Game: Luigi's Mansion Favorite School Subject: Logic Favorite Koopa Minion: Anything that's not related to Boo Favorite Part of Being in Jail: Getting some quiet time Favorite Color: Green

Noteable Appearances: -Mario Bros.: Helped Mario clean the pipes of nasty critters; first appearance -Super Mario Bros. 2: Playable with different attributes from Mario -Mario is Missing: Rescued Mario and recovered artifacts; first starring role -Luigi's Mansion: Rescued Mario; first major title

Bio: Although every bit a hero as Mario, Luigi's timid personality has allowed his more outspoken brother to grab the spotlight. The "younger" twin sometimes gets jealous, but most of the time the plumber in green is content to silently fulfill his duties in the shadows. You can call Luigi cautious, timid, and careful, but leave the term "coward" to someone else. Though Luigi has many more fears than Mario, he has never allowed them to stop him from getting his job done; not even a mansion full of scary ghosts could stop the leaner plumber from saving Mario. Plus, if it weren't for Luigi, Mario would almost certainly have run into more than he bargained for.

While Mario has been dumbed down in Lemmy's Land, Luigi has, if anything, become smarter. He has often become the straight man or voice of logic in order to foil Mario's newfound idiocy. He also seems much less timid, though some of this may only be in comparison to his somewhat evil counterpart, Waluigi. Some tourists have suggested that Luigi and Princess Daisy are an item, based off their being doubles partners in Mario Tennis. No other medium suggests this relationship, though, and it seems unusual because Luigi did not appear in Super Mario Land, in which Mario rescued Daisy for the only known time to date. I guess Mario couldn't have two girls, though, so perhaps he left the shadowed princess to his shadowed brother.

Name: Mario Mario Nickname: Super Mario, Jumpman; Bowser also has many names for Mario that are unfit for print Role: Hero of the Mushroom Kingdom, plumber, doctor, member of Mario Gang Favorite Food: Spaghetti, Italian food in general Favorite Pastime: Watching TV Favorite Sport: Football Favorite Video Game: Any game he stars in except Donkey Kong Jr. Favorite School Subject: Lunch Favorite Koopa Minion: Bowser (gets a kiss from the Princess every time he beats him) Favorite Part of Being in Jail: Getting to figure a way out Favorite Color: Red

Noteable Appearances: -Donkey Kong: Rescued then-girlfriend Pauline from ape Donkey Kong; first appearance -Super Mario Bros.: Rescued Peach for first time, began using "Classic Mario" moves -Dr. Mario: Mario, a doctor? Sure, why not. -Super Mario 64: Went 3D and whupped Bowser again

Bio: Born in the Mushroom Kingdom, Super Mario's parents are unknown. It is rumored his parents may be The King and the late queen, but the queen's not talking and The King doesn't know what he's talking about. After narrowly escaping an early demise at the hands of Kamek, thanks to Yoshi, Mario and his brother Luigi were sent to Earth, where they would be protected from the Koopas. Although the Mario Bros. are truly twins, their foster parents told them Mario was the older of the two to further alienate them from their secret past; to this day, the pair usually refer to Mario as the older brother.

After completing high school, the brothers couldn't afford college so they took jobs as plumbers. One day on a routine job, Mario and Luigi were sucked down a bathtub drain, which proved to be a warp pipe back to the Mushroom Kingdom. The brothers appeared just in time to rescue Princess Peach from the evil King Koopa, and have remained in the Mushroom Kingdom to do so ever since.

Although a hero, Mario is not actually very strong. He makes up for his lack of strength with his agility, high jump, quick-thinking, and good luck. Mario's greatest weapon may be his determination: he never gives up. Mario is as brave as they come, ready to dash into any situation. Fortunately, the more level-headed Luigi is always around to make sure that Mario doesn't stumble into a trap, though Mario is almost certain to have just the item he needs to get out of it. Often outspoken, Mario knows when it's time to shut up. For example, he was silent during his trial on Isle Delfino, knowing full well that no defense could save him from his fate.

Mario's relationship with the Princess Peach remains unclear. Some games such as Paper Mario imply an inkling of romance, but nothing more than the occassional kiss after a successful rescue has ever been confirmed. It is rumored that Mario has refused to give up on his first girlfriend, Pauline, though others say he is simply shyer than he looks. Mario usually has a strong working relationship with his brother, though his excitement for adventure sometimes gets the better of him such that he leaves Luigi behind.

Quite intelligent in the Mario cartoons and adventure books, Mario has been dumbed down considerably in Lemmy's Land, often screaming "CHEESE!!!" though no other medium implies he has any interest in the dairy foodstuff. Despite his idiocy, Mario remains as capable of defeating Bowser as ever, perhaps because the evil King of the Koopas has also been dumbed down. Smart or dumb, Mario remains the chosen favorite of many, though DAD only knows why.

Name: Morton Koopa, Jr. Nickname: Big Mouth Role: Second youngest Koopaling, loudmouth Favorite Food: Cereal in milk (it snaps, crackles, and pops), wedding cake (it looks like the bride's dress, and... ah, you'll need to ask him) Favorite Pastime: Talking Favorite Sport: The news, also basketball Favorite Video Game: Star Fox 64 (had a lot of talking) Favorite School Subject: Science (gets to ask lots of questions) Favorite Underling: Big Boo (is dead so doesn’t mind being talked to) Favorite Part of Being in the Dungeon: No one cares if he talks all day Favorite Color: Orange

Noteable Appearances: -Super Mario Bros. 3: Boss of Desert Land (world 2), shot rings -Super Mario World: Boss of Donut Plains (world 2), climbed the walls and jumped down, causing a tremor -Yoshi's Safari: Boss of course five, battled in a frog robot with a top hat

Bio: Named for Bowser's father, Morton quite possibly has the most boring personality of the Koopalings. His gimmick, if you will, is he talks... and talks... and talks. He could probably talk nonstop, but we'll never know because someone always stuffs a sock in his mouth or does some other such silencing action. Morton sometimes stutters over his Bs in his haste to continue his speech, I guess that's kind of humorous. It's been rumored that if you listen to Morton long enough, you could learn about anything you might ever care to know. Unfortunately, no one has cared to listen to Morton long enough to find out the origin of the star over his right eye. Is it genetics? A scar? No one knows except Morton, and I'm not sure if he's saying anything. In the adventure books Morton seemed more like Roy, certainly far less talkative, but he's hard to evaluate because he rarely appeared.

In Lemmy's Land, Morton is as talkative as ever, and more so: entire Scribbles are dedicated to his speeches. Even those stories are as nothing in comparison to the legendary Speech about Speeches; just the name of this speech is enough to scare any knowledgeable, hearing victim. Morton is involved in what may be the longest running gag, that of his love for wedding cake, which is featured in a disturbingly high percentage of Interviews as well as in other sections. This love for wedding cake, nearly entirely unexplained, actually dates back to a website that began around the same time as Lemmy's Land, long before Lemmy opened his Interviews section. Turning to the soaps, there is some inkling of romance between Morton and his cousin Susan, but neither of them are saying anything. That's right, even Morton's lips are sealed! There's definitely something going on there, if you ask me.

Name: Peach Toadstool Nickname: Peachie Role: Princess of the Mushroom Kingdom, kidnapee, member of Mario Gang Favorite Food: Peaches and cream, spaghetti (means that Mario defeated Bowser) Favorite Pastime: Throwing parties (she gets kidnapped a lot too, but she doesn't really like it) Favorite Sport: Bake-off Favorite Video Game: Super Mario RPG (gets to fight) Favorite School Subject: Life Skills (included baking) Favorite Koopa Minion: Wendy (only girl) Favorite Part of Being in the Dungeon: Knowing Mario will be around to rescue her soon. Favorite Color: Pink

Noteable Appearances: -Super Mario Bros.: Kidnapped by Bowser, rescued by Mario; first appearance -Super Mario Bros. 2: Playable for first time -Super Mario RPG: Member of Mario's party, specialized in healing magic -Paper Mario: Helped Mario behind the scenes by finding important information

Bio: Although often Bowser's kidnapee, Princess Peach is much more than a mere damsel in distress. When not behind bars, Peach rules the Mushroom Kingdom for her senile father. You might think that there would be constant protests against her unauthorized monorachy (The King never officially stepped down), but no one seems to mind, unless you count the Koopas, of course. It's easy to consider the princess' policies the reason for her unquestioned rule, but it has also been suggested that some other, less honorable considerations keep her in power, such as her good looks, ties with the Mario Bros., and many huge parties. Of course only a small percentage of the kingdom get to go to these parties, but they seem to raise spirit among the Mushroomers nonetheless.

Toadstool may seem sweet and helpless at first, but she is actually quite capable of fending for herself. You should keep in mind that hardly anyone could stand up to Bowser or a countless mob of his minions. With a frying pan or huge vegetable in hand, Peach is quite the force to reckon with, although she still prefers to rely on her powerful curative magic. Peach is surprisingly stubborn and tries to do everything Mario does, from racing to golfing to becoming the Super Star, short of saving herself from Bowser, of course. It is said that the princess has strong feelings for Mario but is afraid to make advances lest she should offend and drive away her hero, not to mention between ruling and sitting in Bowser's dungeon, there's not a lot of time for romance.

Name: Playful (unofficial character) Nickname: Playfie Role: King of Cats, self-proclaimed Master of Koopas Favorite Food: Whatever the Koopas are eating at the moment, tuna Favorite Pastime: Eating and sleeping (at the same time if possible), feeling powerful Favorite Sport: Cat fights, eating contests Favorite Video Game: Doesn’t know how to play, but acts as if he can Favorite School Subject: Doesn’t go to school, but would like lunch Favorite Koopa Minion: Mr. Kipper Favorite Part of Being in Jail: Remembering what he did to get there (it was fun)

Bio: One day Playful, a cat with a black back and white belly who claims to rule all other cats, decided he would live with the Koopas and they would feed him. Though reluctant at first, the Koopas quickly warmed up to the idea at the insistance of Iggy, the animal-lover of the group; it remains unclear, however, whether Playful's acceptance resulted from his cute looks or his powerful Death Stare of Death, which is rumored to be able to kill anything. At one point Bowser wanted Playful to use his Death Stare on Mario, but Playful flatly refused to do the work of another. This is not surprising, given his refusal to do even his own work.

Playful always has a holier-than-thou attitude and probably despises "his servants" nearly as much as he does the Marios. He certainly doesn't care that Mario prevents Bowser from taking the Mushroom Kingdom, and won't so long as Mario doesn't interfere with his dinner (and Mario knows how sacred meals are). Thanks to Ludwig's pet translator device, Playful can now communicate with others, but he rarely feels the need to stoop to the level of talking to the Koopas or anyone else.

Name: Roy Koopa Nickname: Bully Role: Third oldest Koopaling, bully, strong man Favorite Food: Mystery Cereal (any grain of cereal just might be a hot one) Favorite Pastime: Beating up his siblings Favorite Sport: Wrestling Favorite Video Game: Turok: Dinosaur Hunter Favorite School Subject: Lunch Favorite Underling: Boom Boom, Chargin' Chuck Favorite Part of Being in the Dungeon: Beating up dungeonmates, thinking up more ways to harm his siblings Favorite Color: Gray

Noteable Appearances: -Super Mario Bros. 3: Boss of Sky Land (world 5), shot rings and shook the ground, temporarily paralyzing Mario -Super Mario World: Boss of Forest of Illusion (world 5), climbed the walls and jumped down, causing a tremor -Mario is Missing: Third floor (SNES), second floor (PC) -Yoshi's Safari: Boss of seventh course, battled in a hot air balloon vaguely reminiscent of Bowser's Clown Copter

Bio: Whether in the cartoons, books, or Lemmy's Land, Roy is all business, if by business you mean beating people up. He is the strongest of the Koopalings, rivaled only by Ludwig, and is the most ruthless. Roy always thinks with his fists and rarely comes up with plans. In fact, he never stars in a Mario cartoon, and in the adventure books only co-stars in a spinoff of the Olympics; Roy is good at a lot of sports, you see. Roy is often called in to help carry out the plans of his scheming siblings. He is usually more than happy to help in the fighting, though he'll give his sibs grief nonetheless. Roy is probably surpassed only by Larry in being able to extract "favors" from his brothers and sister.

In Lemmy's Land, Roy is probably the least developed of the Koopalings. He remains the macho, bull-headed Koopaling he always was: tourists rarely dare to make fun of him, and the weekly battle at his Sports Hall serves as a constant reminder of his strength. He seems to take special joy in beating up Larry and Iggy, in particular, although none of his siblings are immune to his wrath. It has been rumored, though not confirmed, that Roy is unable to love owing to a tumultuous past. One story suggested that Roy actually likes Lemmy. Well, I guess some tourists will say anything...

Name: Smithy Nickname: Santa (many say his disguised form looks like the jolly saint) Role: Evil robot from another dimension Favorite Food: Oil Favorite Pastime: Making weapons Favorite Sport: Sudden Death (two fighters enter, at least one dies) Favorite Video Game: Is still trying to find a Transformers game Favorite School Subject: Didn't go to school as he was programmed Favorite Koopa Minion: Magikoopa (nearly defeated Mario and Bowser) Favorite Part of Being in the Dungeon: Dungeons don't hold characters who can use Magma Favorite Color: Steel

Noteable Appearances: -Super Mario RPG: Shattered Star Road and nearly conquered Plit

Bio: An autonomous robot, Smithy's programmer is unknown. The purpose of said programmer is, however, quite clear: Smithy was designed to replace all living things with weapons, evil robots like himself, and has already done so in his own dimension. Philosophers can argue over whether robots can actually be evil; in any case, Smithy is certainly armed and dangerous. After crashing into Plit, Smithy started filling the planet with weapons like himself but was defeated before he could make too many. Smithy was supposedly destroyed in a huge explosion following his defeat, but the threat remains: if destroyed, there is a possibility a nutcase or surviving follower could rebuild him. As a testament to his strength, Mario and Bowser, the greatest of enemies, had to join forces in order to defeat him. The day Smithy returns will be a dark day indeed.

Name: Susan B. Koopa (unofficial character) Nickname: None fit for print Role: Koopalings' cousin and pestulence, Wart's daughter Favorite Food: Rock Candy, carrots Favorite Pastime: Examining and collecting jewels Favorite Sport: Mining, is good at punting diamonds Favorite Video Game: Reader Rabbit 2 (likes the mining game for some reason) Favorite School Subject: Geology Favorite Koopa Minion: Monty Mole Favorite Part of Being in Jail: Digging in the dirt for jewels Favorite Color: Gold

Bio: Bowser's niece is the Koopalings' nightmare. Although Susan means no harm, she always ends up ruining her cousins' fun to the point where they have tried to kill her on several occassions, but to no avail. Bowser, who remains oblivious to his kids' suffering, seems to love Susan more than his own children. He is always inviting Susan over to the castle and forcing the Koopalings to play with her in games that generally turn violent, but only when he's not looking. Scholars have debated why Bowser is so kind to Susan. Some say he's trying to make up for turning her father, Wart, into a frog, while others say he is looking for info on her father's plans. Then of course there are those crazy people who think Bowser simply loves her because she's so sweet. Some people will say anything.

Larry always has the worst time when Susan comes over because she loves the Koopaling one year older than she and likes to kiss him. He, however, would prefer to spend the rest of his life in a lava pit than spend time with her, and once tried to do so but was fished out to join in the next game with Susan, who seems to come up with worse ideas each time. There is also an inkling of romance between Susan and Morton, as she is the only he can get to listen to his speeches. You can call it a love triangle if you want, only Larry wants no part of it and the relationship between Morton and Susan remains unclear.

Susan, who looks something like Wendy but with long golden hair down the back of her pink shell, has power over the minions in Underground Land, a small area made up of caves not featured in Super Mario Bros. 3. Considered part of Grass Land for the purposes of that adventure, Larry gave it to her one day in exchange for a month's piece, and claims to this day it was the best deal he ever made. Now while Larry tends to his plants above ground, Susan can tend to her hobby, mining, below ground. Wendy is quite jealous of Susan's extensive collection of valuable jewels, but Susan just likes to look at them rather than sell or wear them. I guess having extra money does you no good when your uncle will just give you whatever you want.

Name: Tatanga Nickname: Tatanga the Conquerer Role: Alien invader

Noteable Appearances: -Super Mario Land: Kidnapped Daisy and tried to take over Sarasaland; first appearance -Super Mario Land 2: Boss of Space Zone

Bio: Little is known about this alien from deep space, hence the lack of a favorites list. Among the many mysteries, Where did he come from?, What does he want with Plit?, and How many of those little hotdogs can he eat at once? stand out as the most intriguing. These questions are going to be difficult to answer without finding Tatanga himself, and not only do we not know whether he speaks English, we can't even be sure whether he's still alive, as he hasn't been seen since Mario defeated him the second time.

Tatanga first appeared in Mario Land, apparently to scout out the planet, and then invaded Sarasaland with his whole army, but not even alien technology and smarts can beat the Mushroom Kingdom's hero, it seems. In Lemmy's Land, where Tatanga is still alive but just barely, he has taken to calling himself Tatanga the Conquerer. No one is quite sure what he's conquered, though. Maybe a sock?

Name: Toad Nickname: TT (His first name is Toad, which starts with T, and most Toads have a T after their first name, so TT) Role: Mushroom Retainer, member of Mario Gang Favorite Food: Soil (for him to grow in) Favorite Pastime: Helping others Favorite Sport: Hurdle-jumping (but cheats by going under the hurdle) Favorite Video Game: Wario's Woods (main character) Favorite School Subject: Law Favorite Koopa Minion: Lemmy (he’s short too) Favorite Part of Being in the Dungeon: Growing in the dirt Favorite Color: Red

Noteable Appearances: -Super Mario Bros.: Rescued by Mario; first appearance -Super Mario Bros. 2: Playable for first time -Wario's Woods: Battled against Wario; only starring role -Mario Party: Handed out Power Stars

The term "Toad" can be used to refer to any of the Mushroomers or Mushroom People in the kingdom, but it's also the name of the Mushroom Retainer. No one's exactly sure what the Mushroom Retainer does, but basically Toad is second in command to Princess Peach and in charge of the justice system. It would be fun to see what charges he would bring the Koopas up on, but the nearly nonexistant Mushroom Police would have to catch them first. Toad can often be found quoting obscure pieces of law, though the Mushroom Kingdom has few criminals and less that actually get caught.

Further complicating efforts to identify which Mushroomer in each game is the Toad is the fact that he has a split personality. In the Mario 3 cartoon and perhaps Mario 2, Toad is incredibly rambunctious, always running ahead for adventure, and into trouble. Never afraid to run his mouth, Toad has gotten his friends into many jams but always figures a way out of them in the end. In most other media including Lemmy's Land, however, Toad is much more reserved, often backing out of competitions such as the Mario Parties. Because of his level-headedness, it has been suggested that Toad has much more influence over the princess' policies than he lets on. Could Toad be a master strategist in disguise? If so... he certainly chose a funny outfit.

Name: Waluigi Wario Nickname: None Role: Luigi's evil double Favorite Food: Anything new Favorite Pastime: Gambling (wouldn't be opposed to Russian Roulette) Favorite Sport: Rugby Favorite Video Game: Advance Wars Favorite School Subject: Math (got his start in cheating) Favorite Koopa Minion: Tubba Spotlight Favorite Part of Being in the Dungeon: Sliding out between the bars Favorite Color: Purple

Noteable Appearances: -Mario Tennis (N64): First appearance

Bio: It is unknown whether Wario's unusually tall and thin brother is also his twin, like the Mario Bros. are. Waluigi has gotten a bum rap in Lemmy's Land owing to his late entrance to the series, with nearly every contributing tourist portraying him as the ultimate coward, afraid of everything under the sun, and that too. In reality, however, Waluigi is every bit as daring as his brother, and even more so. While Wario will risk everything for money, Waluigi will risk everything simply for the fun of it. This, then, is why Waluigi has rarely been seen in games: he has never had to fight the Marios or Koopas, and engages in activities that probably wouldn't be found in E-rated games.

Surprisingly, Waluigi appears nearly as often as Wario in Lemmy's Land, despite his late appearances, because tourists (and the webmaster) like to make fun of him. His true personality has yet to come out, and indeed much of it remains closely under wraps. One thing is for certain: if Luigi has been known to get a little nervous, Waluigi has nerves of steel.

Name: Wario Wario Nickname: Evil Mario Role: Doublecrosser, master thief, inadvertant hero Favorite Food: Garlic, jalapeno peppers Favorite Pastime: Stealing Favorite Sport: Football Favorite Video Game: Luigi's Mansion (has more money even than his own games Favorite School Subject: Gym Favorite Koopa Minion: Croco Favorite Part of Being in the Dungeon: Finding a way to weasel out of it Favorite Color: Gold! But green is good too

Noteable Appearances: -Super Mario Land 2: Took over Mario's kingdom; first appearance -Wario Land: Searched for the giant golden Princess statue; first starring role, start of own series -Wario Ware: Started creating his own video games

Bio: Often called Mario's evil twin, Mario and Wario's true relationship is unknown. They are usually considered to be cousins, though many have placed their connection as even more distant. Wario is greedy, sneaky, and fat- yes, even fatter than Mario. No one is quite sure how Wario came to be this way, but some have said that while Mario lived a relatively safe life in Brooklyn, Wario remained in the Mushroom Kingdom and had to learn to fend off constant threats from the local Koopas. Wario will do anything for money and once took over Mario Land not for the power but because of its valuable castle.

Wario is incredibly strong, brilliantly clever, and can even use Mario's power-up items. As a result, he is one of the strongest characters in the Mushroom Kingdom, a match even for Mario and Bowser. However, Wario does not fight for good or evil, but only for himself. Having found his fortune, Wario is now usually content to leave his nicer cousin alone. In fighting for himself, Wario has occassionally saved a kingdom or rescued a prisoner, but he usually does so without intending to and always demands a big reward.

In Lemmy's Land, Wario remains just as tricky and greedy as ever. He gets relatively little screen time, though, because tourists don't seem to know what to do with him. Neither the Mario Gang nor Koopa Troop trust him, usually leaving Wario to fend for himself. Furthermore, Wario is often considered a fringe Mario character of sorts, now that he has a series all of his own. Thus, Wario's major roles have been infrequent in Lemmy's Land and he most often appears in big competitions with lots of players, in which he always does well.

Name: Wart Nickname: King Froggy (but is not related to Yoshi's Island's Prince Froggy) Role: Would-be ruler of Sub-con, older brother and sworn enemy of Bowser Favorite Food: Flies Favorite Pastime: Swimming Favorite Sport: Fly fishing Favorite Video Game: Chrono Trigger (a frog has an important role) Favorite School Subject: Creative Writing Favorite Underling: Triclyde Favorite Part of Being in the Dungeon: Never has to go Favorite Color: Green

Noteable Appearances: -Super Mario Bros. 2: Took over Sub-con, defeated by Mario Gang

Bio: As Bowser's older brother, Wart was first in line to inherit the Koopa throne from their father, King Morton, until a laboratory accident turned him into a frog. Morton, who felt that minions would only accept a king who looked like a Koopa, kicked Wart out of the Koopa Troop. It is rumored that Bowser played a role in causing the accident; whether or not he did, Wart has vowed revenge on his younger brother and plans to take the Koopa throne from his grasp. He tried to take over Sub-con so that he could invade peoples' dreams and hypnotize them into attacking Bowser, but the Mario Gang destroyed his plans.

Wart's only goal, at least in the short-term, is the defeat and preferably embarrassment of Bowser. He doesn't really consider Mario an enemy and would readily join up with him against the now-Koopa King. It is rumored that he's using his daughter Susan to try to find Bowser's weakness, but it is also rumored that Bowser is trying to turn Susan against her own father. Talk about sibling rivalry! Wart does not appear in the Mario cartoons and rarely appears in the adventure books or Lemmy's Land, so much of his personality is up for grabs. He tried to act cool in the adventure books, but pretty much failed at doing so. He has a large ego, but then so does most everyone else in the kingdom.

Name: Wendy Ocean Koopa Nickname: Kootie Pie Role: Third youngest and only female Koopaling, spoiled brat, plotting Favorite Food: Sweet foods, also likes bagels Favorite Pastime: Swimming, making herself pretty Favorite Sport: Hates sports, would not choose one even if she had to Favorite Video Game: Super Mario World (doesn’t care for video games but is in it) Favorite School Subject: History (especially that of women) Favorite Underling: Big Bertha, her clones Favorite Part of Being in the Dungeon: Has the whole day to make herself pretty Favorite Color: Purple

Noteable Appearances: -Super Mario Bros. 3: Boss of Water Land (third world), shot candy rings that bounced around the room -Super Mario World: Boss of Chocolate Island (sixth world), popped out of warp pipes along with two clones -Mario is Missing: Third floor (PC) -Yoshi's Safari: Boss of third course, had no robot but instead an invincible shield, head weak to flying anvil

Bio: As the only female Koopaling, Wendy is able to get nearly anything she wants from her father. It seems Bowser has a soft heart after all... that or her incredibly loud tantrums are just too annoying to deal with. She's a spoiled brat, but also much more: she is quite strong, strong enough so that Roy usually leaves her alone. (He claims it's because she's a girl, but since when did that kind of thing stop him?) She can also be quite clever at times. Overall she's not as sneaky as Larry, but because people don't often expect to be tricked by Wendy, they may actually be more likely to get fooled by her. Between her tantrums, strength, quick thinking, and high-heeled shoes, she can be quite dangerous- not enough for the Marios though. Will nothing work?

Wendy carries much of her above personality from the cartoons and adventure books over to Lemmy's Land, where she relies somewhat less on her tantrums and more on her scheming. Most likely because she's a girl, Wendy is one of the most-used Koopalings (she needs to fill all the female roles). There has been a lot of speculation as to who she likes... you know, likes likes. Some tourists have suggested she likes Lemmy (it is not uncommon for Koopas to marry within the family, to keep the bloodline pure), but most of the time she seems content to leave romance to others. Wendy's Phonebooth is arguably the most popular of the sibling sections, although Wendy is currently far behind in Lemmy's Leaders.

Name: Wooster Nickname: None Role: Head Servant of Peach's Castle Favorite Food: Soap Favorite Pastime: Cleaning Favorite Sport: Shuffleboard Favorite Video Game: Hates them (related to messy habits) Favorite School Subject: Organization Favorite Koopa Minion: Larry (nice and neat) Favorite Part of Being in the Dungeon: Most dungeons are clean since there's nothing in them Favorite Color: White, sparkling white

Noteable Appearances: -Double Trouble (adventure book): Accidentally and luckily kept Peach, Toad, and himself from being cloned

Wooster doesn't really deserve a spot on the list of most important Mario characters, but I added him because I find him humorous. He is the head servant of Peach's Castle, in charge of keeping it clean and in good working order. Of course, this is no easy task with parties being thrown every week and Koopas busting in even more frequently. In fact, Wooster would probably hold no grudge against the Koopas if only they would invade quietly and without making a mess.

Wooster is obsessed over efficiency and even more so oven cleanliness, to the point where he once forced the princess to bathe in the lake outside before coming in. Peach has considered firing him on several occassions for being so annoying and just a downer, but he does his job better than anyone else ever could. If you've seen "Monk", the show about an obsessive compulsive detective, you can sort of see what Wooster is like.

Wooster's personality has changed hardly at all with his introduction to Lemmy's Land, in part because he's hardly been introduced. He ranks down there with Bagels, Playful, and Tatanga, the least appearing characters on this list. When he does appear, he remains Peach's finicky assistant. I guess no one could find a way to make him any funnier.

Name: Yoshi Nickname: Yosh Role: Sidekick-pet, hero, sometimes member of Mario Gang Favorite Food: EVERYTHING!!! But especially Melons Favorite Pastime: Eating Favorite Sport: Eating contests, Sumo Wrestling (they eat a lot) Favorite Video Game: Yoshi’s Story Favorite School Subject: Lunch Favorite Koopa Minion: Birdo Favorite Part of Being in the Dungeon: Metal bars are surprisingly tasty, it seems Favorite Color: Green

Noteable Appearances: -Super Mario World: Helped Mario, similar to a power-up; first appearance -Yoshi's Island: Reunited the baby Mario Bros.; first starring role -Tetris Attack: Stopped Bowser from conquering Yoshi's Island; first appearance separate from Mario

"Yoshi" is the term for all six-foot tall, bipedal dinosaurs founds in the Mushroom Kingdom, as well as the name for the adult green Yoshi most often found helping Mario. Like most members of his species, Yoshi Dino is ravenous, kind, and happy-go-lucky. His bond with Mario started as a freak accident when Baby Mario fell on Yoshi's back. The helpful dinosaur and his friends agreed to help the baby find his kidnapped brother, braving many dangers along the way. The bond between dino and eventual-plumber withstood the test of time, and the two joined up again for many adventures once Mario grew old enough to embark on quests of his own.

One of the most adventurous of his species, Yoshi's determination is nearly unmatched, but he can easily be sidetracked by the introduction of almost any foodstuff. The long-tongued dino is quite a bit older than Mario, but don't worry, Yoshis can live for a very long time. In the Mario World cartoon, a very young Yoshi spoke without pronouns and was very timid; although he feared water and ghosts, he could nevertheless be counted on when needed. Unfortunately, it is difficult to draw conclusions about Yoshi's personality from the show because, according to the show, Mario and Luigi discovered Yoshi as a baby, directly contradicting the story of Yoshi's Island. And since games take precedent over the cartoons...

Yoshi generally retains his awkward grammar in Lemmy's Land, but is much braver than his cartoon version, and often quite intelligent as well. It's not very hard to keep this cute dino happy: a melon, some company, and maybe an adventure will do. Yoshi is quick to forgive and would be glad to work out his differences with the Koopas, but Bowser considers Yoshi his second most dangerous enemy, surpassed only by Mario. Once Bowser discovers that Yoshi is often vital to Mario's plans, that ordering could change.

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